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Explore Japanese Culture by the Shinobazu Pond

The area south of Shinobazu Pond is a historic neighbourhood that has flourished since the Edo period as Kan-eiji Temple's gate-front town and Hana-machi (Leisure district). Many long-established shops loved by great writers and artists still exist here.


This spring, we are collaborating with esteemed local shops, eateries , and confectioneries to arrange a relaxing experience in Ueno. We invite you to discover unique experiences that can only be found in Tokyo, exceptionally available during this season.



The main venue for this project is a tea terrace of approximately 10 metres square that appears on the street sidewalk. The space will be covered with "tatami" mats and an old hearth box will be placed in the middle. Of course, we will provide a charcoal fire so you can enjoy warming up or even roasting dumplings.

This venue setup has been planned with the approval of local authorities, including the administration, police, and fire department. A distinctive red parasol will serve as a landmark, easily guiding visitors to our location. We are waiting for your visit on the south street of Shinobazu Pond, where a unique cultural experience awaits.


ACTION for more beautiful & convivial Parkside Street

Shinobazu-dori Street is the wide roadway that separates Shinobazu Pond from the town. We are convinced that this road has the potential to become a more social, park-like and attractive place.

This event is an experimental action, carried out in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the police and local residents!

We are specially allowed to set up a temporary workshop space, shop, exhibition and retention space in a corner of the Shinobazu-dori Street sidewalk that is usually closed off by a fence. You are encouraged to support the creation of attractive streets while taking part in this event!



Please follow us on our Instagram account for the latest information, including information about stallholders.



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